Equality in Education

Can we call our society a fair and just one, when the state has legalised discrimination against children as young as 4? That's despite this being unconstitutional.

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Plans for the future

Section 37

The Employment Equality Act permits unequal treatment of academic staff, on the ground of religion.

Religious oaths

Article 12 of the Irish Bunreacht (Constitution) requires an elected President to take a religious oath. Article 34 requires judges to take a religious oath.

Therefore no conscientious Humanist or Atheist can hold those offices.


Most primary level teachers are trained in religious run and controlled colleges.

There is no requirement for teachers employed in state-funded schools to declare that their first loyalty is to the State, leading some to lower standards of public service. Their first loyalty is to their god, and not the public whom they are meant to serve.


We have a long-outmoded Patronage model, that gives undue influence in public affairs to religions. Integrated schools do not breed the 'them and us' attitude that religiously segregated schools presently do.


In what sane and equal society could "of all the parts of a school curriculum Religious Instruction is by far the most important" be included in the rules for education of children?

Indoctrination of children must stop.

Deeds of Variation

Who actually owns 'our' primary schools? We often hear of 'Catholic' schools, but does that mean that the Pope in Rome owns them, or the local Parish Priest or suchlike?

Apparently no, to both. It seems most National Schools are held in trust, with three trustees. According to the Irish National Schools Trust, we pretty much own one third of most (if not all) schools.

But if the Minister for Education and Skills signs what is known as a Deed of Variation for any school, that final third will be irrevocably given to Rome.

When we hear of 'Catholic' schools, we assume this means owned by the Roman Catholic Church. But it doesn't. That's just a trick with words, to confuse ethos with ownership. In reality, by virtue of strangle-hold, the Roman Church is in possession. As any Irish person can tell you, that's nine-tenths of the law. If Deeds of Variation are signed, the final tenth passes from Irish hands.