Equality in Education

Can we call our society a fair and just one, when the state has legalised discrimination against children as young as 4? That's despite this being unconstitutional.

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In case you missed it
Recorded permanently for the public record, the presentations that highlight the illegality around access to education in this State.
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PartyConstituency Contact made by letter and/or email Supports change: Section 7.3(c) We've won this one!
Supports change: Rule 68
Supports change: Section 37 Supports retaining National Schools trusts
=No answer =Favors equality
=Doesn't favour equality
Oliver Moran Green Party Cork North Central
Seamus 'Séamie' Morris Sinn Féin Tipperary
Brid Smith People Before Profit Alliance Dublin South Central
Mick Barry Anti-Austerity Alliance Cork North Central
Paul Gogarty Independent Dublin Mid-West
Chris Andrews Sinn Féin Dublin Bay South
John Lahart Fianna Fáil Dublin South West
Ken Curtin Social Democrats Cork East
Ronan McMahon RENUA Ireland Dublin South West
Siobhan Ambrose Fianna Fáil Tipperary
Catherine Ardagh Fianna Fáil Dublin South Central
Maria Bailey Fine Gael Dún Laoghaire
Joe Behan Independent Wicklow
Lorna Bogue Green Party Cork South Central
Cathleen Carney Boud Sinn Féin Dublin North West
Geoff Boyle IND/IPU Dublin West
John Brady Sinn Féin Wicklow
John Brassill Fianna Fáil Kerry
Declan Breathnach Fianna Fáil Louth
Eoin Ó Broin Sinn Féin Dublin Mid-West
Colm Brophy Fine Gael Dublin South West
Seamus Browne Sinn Féin Limerick County
Pat Buckley Sinn Féin Cork East
Christy Burke Independent Dublin Central
Declan Burke Independent Dublin South West
Mary Butler Fianna Fáil Waterford
Malcolm Byrne Fianna Fáil Wexford
Jackie Cahill Fianna Fáil Tipperary
Kevin Callan Independent Louth
Sean Canney Independent Galway East
Ciarán Cannon Fine Gael Galway East
Pat Casey Fianna Fáil Wicklow
Peter Casey Independent Donegal
Shane Cassells Fianna Fáil Meath West
Marie Casserly Independent Roscommon-Galway
Jack Chambers Fianna Fáil Dublin West
Lisa Chambers Fianna Fáil Mayo
James Charity Independent Galway West
Paul Clarke Independent Dublin Bay North
Alan Coleman Independent Cork South West
Sean Conlon Fine Gael Cavan Monaghan
Thomasina Connell Fine Gael Laois Offaly
Catherine Connolly Independent Galway West
John Connolly Fianna Fáil Galway West
Jennifer Murnane-O Connor Fianna Fáil Carlow/Kilkenny
Rose Conway-Walsh Sinn Féin Mayo
Marcella Corcoran-Kennedy Fine Gael Offaly
Frank Cronin RENUA Dún Laoghaire
Réada Cronin Sinn Féin Kildare North
Jennifer Cuffe Fianna Fáil Wicklow
John Curran Fianna Fáil Dublin Mid-West
Nicola Curry People Before Profit Alliance Dublin Rathdown
Nigel Dennehy Sinn Féin Cork North West
Ann-Marie Dermody Fine Gael Dublin South West
Cormac Devlin Fianna Fáil Dún Laoghaire
Michael Mc Donncha Sinn Féin Dublin Bay North
Paul Donnelly Sinn Féin Dublin West
Pascal Donoghue Fine Gael Dublin Central
Mick Duff The Labour Party Dublin South West
Francis Noel Duffy Green Party Dublin South West
Una Dunphy People Before Profit Alliance Waterford
Michael Fahy Fianna Fáil Galway East
Anne Farrell RENUA Ireland Roscommon-Galway
Michael Farrington RENUA Mayo
Sandra Fay Anti-Austerity Alliance Dublin South West
Finnbar Finlan RENUA Ireland Roscommon-Galway
Mick Finn Independent Cork South Central
Brian Finucane People Before Profit Alliance Kerry
David Fitzgerald Fine Gael Carlow/Kilkenny
Eddie Fitzpatrick Fianna Fáil Offaly
Mary Fitzpatrick Fianna Fáil Dublin Central
Michael Fizmaurice Independent Roscommon-Galway
John Foley Independent Offaly
Bernard Galallagher Independent Roscommon-Galway
Nigel Gallagher People Before Profit Alliance Roscommon-Galway
Pat "The Cope" Gallagher Fianna Fáil Donegal
Gary Gannon SOCIAL DEMOCRATS Dublin Central
Pat Greene Direct Democracy Ireland Louth
Shirley Griffin IND/CPPC Cork North West
Des Guckian Independent Roscommon-Galway
Mary Hanafin Fianna Fáil Dún Laoghaire
Sean Haughy Fianna Fáil Dublin Bay North
Desmond J Hayes RENUA Ireland Limerick City
Fidelma Healy-Eames Fine Gael Galway West
Deirdre Heney Fianna Fáil Dublin Bay North
Sarah Jane Hennelly Social Democrats Limerick City
Lorraine Hennessy WP Dublin Mid-West
Mary Hoade Fianna Fáil Galway West
Caroline Hofman Independent Tipperary
Paul Hogan Sinn Féin Longford Westmeath
Tommy Holohan Anti-Austerity Alliance Galway West
Mary Honan Independent Limerick City
Maura Hopkins Fine Gael Roscommon-Galway
Heather Humphries Fine Gael Cavan Monaghan
Kevin Humphries LABOUR Dublin Bay South
Carol Hunt Independent Alliance Dún Laoghaire
Paul Connaughton Jnr Fine Gael Galway East
Pat Kavanagh Independent Wicklow
Colm Keaeney Fianna Fáil Galway East
Pamela Kearns The Labour Party Dublin South West
Terry Kelleher Anti-Austerity Alliance Dublin Fingal
Andrew Kelly Independent Dublin Bay South
Leonard Kelly Social Democrats Wexford
Niamh Kennedy Independent Donegal
Gino Kenny People Before Profit Alliance Dublin Mid-West
Martin Kenny Sinn Féin Roscommon-Galway
Sharon Keogan Independent Meath East
Mark Keogh IDP Limerick County
Thomas Kiely IND/CPPC Cork North Central
Frank Kilbride Fine Gael Longford Westmeath
Claire Kirrane Sinn Féin Roscommon-Galway
James Lawless Fianna Fáil Kildare North
Rose Leadbetter Anti-Austerity Alliance Cork South Central
John Leahy RENUA Ireland Offaly
Lorraine Clifford Lee Fianna Fáil Dublin Fingal
David Lloyd Direct Democracy Ireland Wexford
Glenna Lynch SOCIAL DEMOCRATS Dublin Bay South
Gabriel MacFadden Fine Gael Longford Westmeath
Josepha Madigan Fine Gael Dublin Rathdown
Margaret Murphy-O Mahony Fianna Fáil Cork South West
Barry Martin People Before Profit Alliance Dublin Fingal
Catherine Martin Green Party Dublin Rathdown
Michael Martin Fianna Fáil Cork South Central
Steven Matthews Green Party Wicklow
Paul McAuliffe Fianna Fáil Dublin North West
Kieran McCarthy Independent Cork East
Rachel McCarthy Sinn Féin Cork South West
Michael McDonagh Fianna Fáil Clare
Seamus McDonagh WP Meath East
Tracy McElhinney The Labour Party Meath West
David McGuinness Independent Dublin West
Patrick McKee RENUA Ireland Carlow/Kilkenny
Padraig McLoughlin Sinn Féin Donegal
Fiona McLoughlin-Healy Fine Gael Laois
Chris McManus Sinn Féin Roscommon-Galway
Seamus McMenamin Green Party Meath West
Anne-Marie McNally Social Democrats Dublin Mid-West
Mark McSharry Fianna Fáil Roscommon-Galway
Ashling Merriman People Before Profit Alliance Kildare North
Clare Colleran Molloy Fianna Fáil Clare
Annette Mooney People Before Profit Alliance Dublin Bay South
Sinead Moore Green Party Laois Offaly
Noel Moran Sinn Féin Clare
Tom Moran PBP Mayo
James Morgan Independent Longford Westmeath
Norma Moriarty Fianna Fáil Kerry
Aindrias Moynihan Fianna Fáil Cork North West
Imelda Munster Sinn Féin Louth
Marie Murphy Fine Gael Tipperary
Tony Murphy Independent Dublin Fingal
Johnny Mythen Sinn Féin Wexford
Tom Neville Fine Gael Limerick County
Carol Nolan Sinn Féin Offaly
Lorna Nolan Independent Dublin West
Malcolm Noonan Green Party Carlow/Kilkenny
Ann Norton Independent Clare
Naoise O Fine Gael Dublin Bay North
Gerry O'Boyle Independent Mayo
Emmett O'Brien Independent Limerick County
Joe O'Brien Green Party Dublin Fingal
Shane O'Brien Sinn Féin Dún Laoghaire
Sean O'Buachalla Green Party Meath East
Diarmaid O'Cadhla IND/CPPC Cork South Central
Jim O'Callaghan Fianna Fáil Dublin Bay South
Jim O'Connell People Before Profit Alliance Cork South Central
John O'Donnell Independent Donegal
Deirdre O'Donovan Independent Dublin South West
Michael O'Dowd RENUA Ireland Louth
Seona O'Fegan IPU Galway West
Kevin O'Keefe Fianna Fáil Cork East
Susan O'Keefee The Labour Party Roscommon-Galway
Donnchadh O'Laoghaire Sinn Féin Cork South Central
John O'Mahoney Fine Gael Galway West
Aisling O'Neill Social Democrats Meath East
Louise O'Reilly Sinn Féin Dublin Fingal
Aodhan O'Riordain The Labour Party Dublin Bay North
Steven O'Riordan Independent Cork North West
Frank O'Rourke Fianna Fáil Kildare North
Cieran Perry Independent Dublin Central
Mailo Power RENUA Ireland Waterford
Cian Prendiville Anti-Austerity Alliance Limerick City
Maurice Quinlivan Sinn Féin Limerick City
Anne Rabbitte Fianna Fáil Galway East
Stephanie Regan Fine Gael Dublin Bay North
Gerry Reynolds Fine Gael Roscommon-Galway
AnneMarie Roche Sinn Féin Galway East
Ciara Leonardi Roche Anti-Austerity Alliance Cork East
Noel Rock Fine Gael Dublin North West
Shane Ross Independent Dublin Rathdown
Éilis Ryan WORKERS PARTY Dublin Central
Patricia Ryan Sinn Féin Laois
Eamonn Scanlon Fianna Fáil Roscommon-Galway
Seamus Sheridan Green Party Galway West
Róisín Shorthall SOCIAL DEMOCRATS Dublin North West
Michael Smith Fianna Fáil Tipperary
Ken Smollen IDP Offaly
Barbara Smyth Independent Longford Westmeath
Mary Smyth RENUA Ireland Cavan Monaghan
Ossain Smyth Green Party Dún Laoghaire
Emmett Stagg The Labour Party Kildare North
Francis Timmons Independent Dublin Mid-West
Peadar Tobin Sinn Féin Meath West
Niall Ó Tuathail Social Democrats Galway West
Ted Tynan WP Cork North Central
Deirdre Wadding People Before Profit Alliance Wexford
Mark Wall The Labour Party Laois
Noel G Walsh Independent Carlow/Kilkenny
Gerry Warnock Social Democrats Longford Westmeath
Karen Warren Fine Gael Dublin South West
Gareth Weldon People Before Profit Alliance Louth
Alex White The Labour Party Dublin Rathdown
John Wilson Independent Cavan Monaghan
Meave Yore Independent Louth
Brendan Young Independent Kildare North
Marie Devine Sinn Féin Dublin South Central
Anna Doyle People Before Profit Alliance Wicklow
Kevin Moran Independent Longford Westmeath
Jimmy Dignam WORKERS PARTY Dublin North West
Roderic O'Gorman Green Party Dublin West
Donna Cooney GREEN PARTY Dublin Bay North
Cormac Manning Green Party Cork North West
Carrie Smyth The Labour Party Dún Laoghaire
Sharon Briggs People Before Profit Alliance Wicklow
James Browne Fianna Fáil Wexford
Anthony Connor Direct Democracy Ireland Louth
Jimmy Guerin Independent Dublin Bay North
Darren O'Rourke Sinn Féin Meath East
Declan Bree Independent Roscommon-Galway
Emma Coffey Fianna Fáil Louth
Eddie Conroy People Before Profit Alliance Roscommon-Galway
Sorcha Nic Cormaic Sinn Féin Dublin Rathdown
Charlie Flanagan Fine Gael Laois Offaly
Caroline Foxe IPU/IND Wexford
Roslyn Fuller Independent Dublin Fingal
Kathleen Funchion Sinn Féin Carlow/Kilkenny
James Gaffney Green Party Limerick City
Ben Gilroy Direct Democracy Ireland Meath East
Oisín Ó hAlmhain GREEN PARTY Dublin South Central
Paul Hand Independent Dublin South Central
Sarah Holland Sinn Féin Dublin South West
Conor MacLiam Anti-Austerity Alliance Carlow/Kilkenny
Denise Mitchell Sinn Féin Dublin Bay North
Cian O SOCIAL DEMOCRATS Dublin Bay North
Kate O'Connell Fine Gael Dublin Bay South
Diana O'Dwyer Anti-Austerity Alliance Dublin Bay South
Tommy Roddy Independent Galway West
Eamon Ryan GREEN PARTY Dublin Bay South
Margaret Sheehan Green Party Mayo
Adrienne Wallace People Before Profit Alliance Carlow/Kilkenny
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